How to re-establish values that are the essence of higher evolution and peaceful existence? … second part…

…Proper recognition of material values bring rightful wealth and power.
Recognition of aesthetic value offers enthusiasm and joy, following educational values gives proper discriminative understanding, knowledge and humility, ethical value offers coherence and harmony, security and confidence, proper following of Spiritual values give experience of choiceless awareness, compassion, love, freedom and peace.

Values are recognized universally in a hierarchy from material value in achieving food security and shelter for all to spiritual values of selflessness, generosity, care, peace, love and freedom. These higher values transcend the limitations of the closed frame work of religions to the higher pursuit of peace for all keeps coherence and harmony to the life here on this planet.
The core values comes from the deeper core of the individual as he, in essence, is simple, innocent and loving unless conditioned otherwise. Inculcation of living values has become a potential subject for the educationists as well as religious heads since ages and not much could be achieved so far and the sad result of it is reflected now a day in the modern living. Inculcation of desirable values in the pupils is essential for meeting out the crisis of character.

The essential values are:
• Truth   • Righteousness  • Honesty  • Courage • Freedom
• Respect   • Dignity of manual work   • Service  • Purity
• Recognition   • Tolerance and acceptance  • Sacrifice
• Courtesy   • Joy  • Love for all or universal love
How to re-establish values that are the essence of higher evolution and peaceful existence? Learning to live together in peace and harmony begins when an individual starts his spiritual search to find himself. In ancient times this search starts with a prayer:

Sahana vavatu Sahanou bhunaktu
Sahaviryam karavavahai
Tejaswinavadhita mastu Ma vidvisa vahai       Om….
Santhi Santhi Santhi
“May he protect us both. May he nourish us both. May we both work together with great energy. May our study be enlightening and fruitful. May we never hate each other.
Om…. Peace Peace Peace”.

This is a prayer chanted by the Master and repeated by the disciple in ancient India every time they sit for learning.
It has a great significance even today.
The Master initiates the process of learning with the above sincere chanting with the basic values of proper learning. Here the master and disciple surrender to the whole, to the higher intelligence to take care of, so that the disciple and the master could study peacefully.
It also reminds the purpose of education – may our study be enlightening and fruitful, for humanity, fruitful for all, for the benevolence of the entire creations and not for exploitation and final annihilation. The learning process finishes with the chanting…

                             “Loka samasta sughino bhavantu”
meaning       “let there be well being for the entire creations”

  with Love
by Sw. Santhi Prasad

Pubblicato da Mauro nityachaitanya

Sposato con figli... dal 1986 Ricercatore Spirituale... dal 1994 ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare il Maestro Sw. SanthiPrasad... che ha illuminato la mia "via interiore" ed aiutato a capire nei momenti di ignoranza... Ho sempre creduto nella Cooperazione fra i popoli e le persone per questo mi considero un Gandhiano! Nella vita cerco di fare attività che siano utili a me e alle persone che mi circondano... da oltre 5 anni coltivo i funghi curativi Shiitake per il benessere delle persone.


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