Talk about Love…

Dear Yoga friends,
When one starts to think about love…
he is out of love as love is celebration and thinking is no celebration.
Love is the celebration of dissolution.

It is dissolution of all individuations.

It is the experience of becoming one with the whole.

It is comfort absolute.

It is absolute in the sense that there is no separation of any kind.

There is no fragmentation in love.

The lover and loved becomes one and remain in eternal celebration in love.

In love the opposites merges.

There will be no more polarities.

There will be no more man and woman.

The man merges into woman and woman merges into man and the pure being exist eternally!

Love is absolute transparency.

In love, breath flow inside with no effort and the air even not notice that one is breathing.

In love one becomes one with breath.

The warmth of life permeates in each and every atom of ones being and it celebrates both within and without.
The celebrant dissolves into the nature around – the dissolution of man into the nature!

This is the merger of love.

In love one is back home, in his own essence.

There is no more games, no more egos, and no more image but only celebration!

Aum Tat Sat!
by Sw. Santhi Prasad


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