Student Testimonials… by Cristina Yap

I am delighted and most grateful to have completed my teacher training with the School of Santhi.

The organisation behind the teaching was splendid, and the delivery was superb. Absolutely everyone involved in the process from the master, visiting

teachers, cooks, cleaners, to the supporting and administrative staff delivered their service with passion, enthusiasm, love and pure commitment.

This was sustained consistently throughout the month. It is best summed up by a fellow student when asked by a stranger about her experience of the course:

“Absolutely amazing.”
I had heard from a previous student that Master Santhi is a great teacher – yet I was absolutely astounded to have experienced it first hand: hi

studenti Yoga in Kerala

s teachings show a great depth in insight, knowledge, experience and sensitivity which in totality is, quite simply, mind-blowing. He is the best story teller I have ever come across:

we all enjoyed Santhi’s truly inspirational lectures, often underpinned by personal accounts, shared with much humility, grace and humour.

Both Santhi and our Sanskrit lecturer often had us in fits of laughter – it didn’t matter that we didn’t master Sanskrit; what mattered was that we had mastered laughing (albeit with some belly ache afterwards).
Asana practice with Santhi and Kanan took me to much greater levels of improvement in my personal practice, which continues to deepen weeks after the course completed. Kanan is a mischievous delight to learn from, helping us to overcome limitations in our bodies and stretch beyond our limits when we felt ready – my instinctive reaction was to laugh rather than cry when challenged on those occasions! Both taught with great sensitivity and care.
Mantra chanting and the occasional performances of devotional songs were a great treat to broaden our experience.

Finally and by no means least, Suryesh was a great lecturer to round off our experience: it was important and


tional to see how, after years of following Santhi’s teachings, he is now disseminating them in the spirit and continuance of the tradition.

Long may that continue; far and wide may they spread!

Christina Yap
TTC 200 student in India January 2011

Pubblicato da Mauro nityachaitanya

Sposato con figli... dal 1986 Ricercatore Spirituale... dal 1994 ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare il Maestro Sw. SanthiPrasad... che ha illuminato la mia "via interiore" ed aiutato a capire nei momenti di ignoranza... Ho sempre creduto nella Cooperazione fra i popoli e le persone per questo mi considero un Gandhiano! Nella vita cerco di fare attività che siano utili a me e alle persone che mi circondano... da oltre 5 anni coltivo i funghi curativi Shiitake per il benessere delle persone.


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