Student Testimonials… Mauro Nityachaitanya

Mauro Benati, Italy…
I have been lucky enough to meet Swami Santhi Prasad and to follow him close up since 1994.
He was the first Indian I met … small and with a great beard, sitting with his legs crossed, he could easily be mistaken for a boy: yet, he was a vision of harmony with his slow but very natural gestures. His way of being soon struck me … the people around him called him Master and put a lot of questions … he waited for the answers … but I was hit by the Man within Him.Our Christian religion speaks about Jesus dead on the cross to save us… Swami. Santhiprasad has always spoken as a Master, but he showed me that we don’t need to be crucified to get to the supreme understanding.I spent many months with him for six years. We organized trips to India or his staying in Italy and in Sweden. He made me understand who a Master is and that a disciple must always trust his Master … that is why Swami Santhiprasad says: “ Listen to your heart-your inner Master-and trust what it says”.

During all these years many people have met Him, he spoke and he listened to them with an open heart like all the great Masters. Swami Santhiprasad is a source from which love, acceptance, peace and quietness always flow, as well as the eternal knowledge.

Thanks to him I had the honour and the luck of meeting several Masters, among them His last ones: most of them have a family, what has positively struck me further and encouraged me to go on the path of my spiritual research.

Now I also have my own family, life wanted me to follow other ways, so I’m learning how to live the relations with the Master at an ethereal and energetic level and this means to trust the life.

At last the School is now taking off with the right reputation and I feel very happy … but honestly I must also say that my ego is struggling with me as it would like to be there with the Master to enjoy this moment. But I kindly remind him that I’m also there with my spirit … Swami Santhiprasad knows it.

Bhaskara Pillai Swamikal

The last Master of Swami Santhiprasad. I remember him like a great mountain, imposing, immobile in his quietness and bliss.

The one who taught the respect towards everybody and everything, even when he was taking a simple glass he was respecting it as an important thing.

I was there when he left his body. The night before we spoke to him about plans among other things and the morning after he passed away serene.

During the funeral his energy was perceptible, his presence was so strong as to console us on his death. It was an unrepeatable experience. My flight back to Italy was booked for the day after. It was a grace and a gift to be present.

With love and respect…
Mauro Nitya Chaitanya

Pubblicato da Mauro nityachaitanya

Sposato con figli... dal 1986 Ricercatore Spirituale... dal 1994 ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare il Maestro Sw. SanthiPrasad... che ha illuminato la mia "via interiore" ed aiutato a capire nei momenti di ignoranza... Ho sempre creduto nella Cooperazione fra i popoli e le persone per questo mi considero un Gandhiano! Nella vita cerco di fare attività che siano utili a me e alle persone che mi circondano... da oltre 5 anni coltivo i funghi curativi Shiitake per il benessere delle persone.

Una opinione su "Student Testimonials… Mauro Nityachaitanya"

  1. Hello Mauro: I am writing you from Malta in the Mediterrenean Sea. Have been into Kundalini Yoga 45 years and went 6 times to India looking for a true Guru, but could never find one. Today was the first time I read about your guru Santhiprasad and his guru Swamikal, who I think was an honest man and taught the correct Yoga of the Mother Goddess. However, I doubt if his pupil Santhiprasad has the same power. Does he have the power to give diksha of the Mother Goddess? Can he show me the Kundalini Fire as I saw it 45 years ago by a small lake in a forest in Canada? Can you please tell me in a few words about your experience of Kundalini? I have been to Trivundrum a couple of times and in Genoa too. Would love to meet you and would be glad to visit you in Genoa if it is possible.
    Frank Theuma.

    "Mi piace"


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