Student Testimonials… Mauro Nityachaitanya

Mauro Benati, Italy…
I have been lucky enough to meet Swami Santhi Prasad and to follow him close up since 1994.
He was the first Indian I met … small and with a great beard, sitting with his legs crossed, he could easily be mistaken for a boy: yet, he was a vision of harmony with his slow but very natural gestures. His way of being soon struck me … the people around him called him Master and put a lot of questions … he waited for the answers … but I was hit by the Man within Him.Our Christian religion speaks about Jesus dead on the cross to save us… Swami. Santhiprasad has always spoken as a Master, but he showed me that we don’t need to be crucified to get to the supreme understanding.I spent many months with him for six years. We organized trips to India or his staying in Italy and in Sweden. He made me understand who a Master is and that a disciple must always trust his Master … that is why Swami Santhiprasad says: “ Listen to your heart-your inner Master-and trust what it says”.

During all these years many people have met Him, he spoke and he listened to them with an open heart like all the great Masters. Swami Santhiprasad is a source from which love, acceptance, peace and quietness always flow, as well as the eternal knowledge.

Thanks to him I had the honour and the luck of meeting several Masters, among them His last ones: most of them have a family, what has positively struck me further and encouraged me to go on the path of my spiritual research.

Now I also have my own family, life wanted me to follow other ways, so I’m learning how to live the relations with the Master at an ethereal and energetic level and this means to trust the life.

At last the School is now taking off with the right reputation and I feel very happy … but honestly I must also say that my ego is struggling with me as it would like to be there with the Master to enjoy this moment. But I kindly remind him that I’m also there with my spirit … Swami Santhiprasad knows it.

Bhaskara Pillai Swamikal

The last Master of Swami Santhiprasad. I remember him like a great mountain, imposing, immobile in his quietness and bliss.

The one who taught the respect towards everybody and everything, even when he was taking a simple glass he was respecting it as an important thing.

I was there when he left his body. The night before we spoke to him about plans among other things and the morning after he passed away serene.

During the funeral his energy was perceptible, his presence was so strong as to console us on his death. It was an unrepeatable experience. My flight back to Italy was booked for the day after. It was a grace and a gift to be present.

With love and respect…
Mauro Nitya Chaitanya

Student Testimonials… Sara Bauduin…

Sara Bauduin, Belgium:
I had a wonderful time in Kallar Valley attending the TTC and I met wonderful fellow yogis!
Im very happy I chose School of Santhi to learn yoga, it went over my expectations.

Thanks for having chosen me as well as part of the students. I think the quality of the lectures was very high, specially when it was conducted by Swami and by Suresh. Kannan was great yoga teacher too, I think we all enjoyed his knowledge about the human body and how it can be stretched and pushed to its limits without being hurt.

I discovered a new passion, chanting mantras! I never knew I would like it but as I felt the positive effect it had on me, I totally adopted it!

I also enjoyed the Kundalini meditation, a true revelation for me! I learnt patience and discipline, even if I still have to work on it! And I seriously needed it. I also realized that life was much easier than my mind thinks it is!

I always had good interaction with everyone, and I made a great new friend, my roommate! I couldn’t thank you enough to have chosen to put us in the same room! There couldn’t have been a better choice! The food was very nice too, and I discovered new dishes I will make at home!

I think the training was intense and required attention and energy but it was very interesting, deep and never “uninteresting”. I will definitely recommend your school to anyone who is interested in a TTC and I hope I will be able to come next year to the next level!

Thanks a lot to all the teachers and the people who contributed to our health, accommodation, food and learning process!

Love and greetings
Sarah Bauduin, Belgium

Student Testimonials… by Kristen Slater

Kristen Slater, United States of America:
I enjoyed my month in Kellar terribly. The training far exceeded my expectations and even being home, I am frequently reminded of all I learned and experienced during my time at the School of Santhi.

Prior to coming to the program, I had hoped to increase my knowledge related to yoga as well as an opportunity refine and improve my asanas. All that was accomplished but I also left with a very personal shift in perspective. The training has changed me in very meaningful ways and I believe it has put me on a path to continue my spiritual journey. I am amazed that all this could have taken place in such a short amount of time.

I would like take a minute to thank Swami Santhi, Kannan, Kumar and all the support staff who made the training and the time in Kellar so wonderful.

Swami’s method of presenting information was so engaging and came from a place of truth and it made it easy to be in long lectures every day. I was always exited for his discussions because I knew that the information he was giving us was such a special and unique gift and his delivery was so effortless and personal that it never felt like a class or a chore.

Kannan’s asana classes were wonderful and now that I am back in my regular practice, I am able to notice the vast improvement in my practice. His fearlessness in challenging students could only be successfully accomplished because of his knowledge of how the body works and where the limit is for each individual.

Having Kumar on site daily was also such a gift. I always felt taken care of and was so appreciative to have someone to go to if anything was needed. His energy and bright spirit was felt throughout the house every day.

My month at School of Santhi was an experience I will never forget. I hope to have the opportunity to take further trainings in the coming years and am so exited to see where this continued study leads me.

With much gratitude and respect,
Kristen Slater

L’ultimo Maestro di Sw. Santhi Prasad… Bhaskara Pillai Swamikal

Bhaskara Pillai Swamikal
L’ultimo maestro di Sw. Santhi Prasad…
personalmente lo ricordo come una grande montagna, imponente, fermo nella sua quiete e beatitudine.

Sw. Santhi Prasad ricorda in questo modo il loro primo incontro:
“…Swami Pillai sembrava una persona veramente ordinaria, rimase sveglio tutta la notte parlando delle pulsazioni praniche che si manifestano nel corpo e del significato che assumono rispetto all’evoluzione spirituale di un ricercatore.
All’alba ce ne siamo andati insieme e da quel momento non ho più sentito il bisogno di altri Maestri……”

Era una persona che insegnava rispetto verso tutti e tutto, perfino nel prendere un semplice bicchiere si vedeva che lo rispettava come una cosa importante… grazie a Lui ho anche iniziato a comprendere ed apprendere i “segnali della natura”…

Ho avuto il privilegio di vivere l’esperienza diretta del suo distacco dal corpo…
…la sera prima parlavo con lui, insieme con Sw. Santhi Prasad, anche di progetti futuri; ed il mattino dopo, dando parecchi soldi alla Figlia, comunicandole che gli sarebbero serviti per quel giorno… se ne andò al suo lavoro sereno… due ore più tardi morì d’infarto cardiaco…

Durante il funerale si avvertiva la sua energia…. la sua presenza era così forte da “consolarci” della sua “morte”…
è stata una esperienza incredibile, surreale…

il giorno dopo avevo l’aereo prenotato che mi riportava in Italia… è stata proprio una grazia, un dono, poter essere lì presente… rimanere il suo ricordo per sempre nel mio cuore…

con amore e rispetto…

L’altarino in  memoria
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