Student Testimonials… Mauro Nityachaitanya

Mauro Benati, Italy… I have been lucky enough to meet Swami Santhi Prasad and to follow him close up since 1994. He was the first Indian I met … small and with a great beard, sitting with his legs crossed, he could easily be mistaken for a boy: yet, he was a vision of harmonyContinua a leggere “Student Testimonials… Mauro Nityachaitanya”

Student Testimonials… Sara Bauduin…

Sara Bauduin, Belgium: I had a wonderful time in Kallar Valley attending the TTC and I met wonderful fellow yogis! Im very happy I chose School of Santhi to learn yoga, it went over my expectations. Thanks for having chosen me as well as part of the students. I think the quality of the lecturesContinua a leggere “Student Testimonials… Sara Bauduin…”

Student Testimonials… by Kristen Slater

Kristen Slater, United States of America: I enjoyed my month in Kellar terribly. The training far exceeded my expectations and even being home, I am frequently reminded of all I learned and experienced during my time at the School of Santhi. Prior to coming to the program, I had hoped to increase my knowledge relatedContinua a leggere “Student Testimonials… by Kristen Slater”

Student Testimonials… by Cristina Yap

I am delighted and most grateful to have completed my teacher training with the School of Santhi. The organisation behind the teaching was splendid, and the delivery was superb. Absolutely everyone involved in the process from the master, visiting teachers, cooks, cleaners, to the supporting and administrative staff delivered their service with passion, enthusiasm, loveContinua a leggere “Student Testimonials… by Cristina Yap”

L’ultimo Maestro di Sw. Santhi Prasad… Bhaskara Pillai Swamikal

Bhaskara Pillai Swamikal L’ultimo maestro di Sw. Santhi Prasad… personalmente lo ricordo come una grande montagna, imponente, fermo nella sua quiete e beatitudine. Sw. Santhi Prasad ricorda in questo modo il loro primo incontro: “…Swami Pillai sembrava una persona veramente ordinaria, rimase sveglio tutta la notte parlando delle pulsazioni praniche che si manifestano nel corpoContinua a leggere “L’ultimo Maestro di Sw. Santhi Prasad… Bhaskara Pillai Swamikal”