S C H O O L O F S A N T H I in The WORLD

SCH O O L O F S A N T H I Dear Yoga Friends, Welcome to our Traditional Yoga Teacher Training School in India, School of Santhi Yoga School and Yoga Research Centre in Kerala, South India, guided by Santhi, Swami Santhiprasad, our inspiring Yoga Master and Yoga Guru. Swami SanthiPrasad teaches in TraditionalContinua a leggere “S C H O O L O F S A N T H I in The WORLD”

Yoga programs in October in Svezia

Dear Yoga Friends, We gladly invite you to join our upcoming Yoga programs with Santhi in Stockholm, Sweden. October 13 – Satsang and Meditation Give yourself an inspiring and relaxing evening together with Santhi. During this session there will be a guided meditation and talks on the subject of the evening. Santhi will help you to look deep into yourself, your own concepts,Continua a leggere “Yoga programs in October in Svezia”