How to re-establish values that are the essence of higher evolution and peaceful existence? … second part…

…Proper recognition of material values bring rightful wealth and power.
Recognition of aesthetic value offers enthusiasm and joy, following educational values gives proper discriminative understanding, knowledge and humility, ethical value offers coherence and harmony, security and confidence, proper following of Spiritual values give experience of choiceless awareness, compassion, love, freedom and peace.

Values are recognized universally in a hierarchy from material value in achieving food security and shelter for all to spiritual values of selflessness, generosity, care, peace, love and freedom. These higher values transcend the limitations of the closed frame work of religions to the higher pursuit of peace for all keeps coherence and harmony to the life here on this planet.
The core values comes from the deeper core of the individual as he, in essence, is simple, innocent and loving unless conditioned otherwise. Inculcation of living values has become a potential subject for the educationists as well as religious heads since ages and not much could be achieved so far and the sad result of it is reflected now a day in the modern living. Inculcation of desirable values in the pupils is essential for meeting out the crisis of character.

The essential values are:
• Truth   • Righteousness  • Honesty  • Courage • Freedom
• Respect   • Dignity of manual work   • Service  • Purity
• Recognition   • Tolerance and acceptance  • Sacrifice
• Courtesy   • Joy  • Love for all or universal love
How to re-establish values that are the essence of higher evolution and peaceful existence? Learning to live together in peace and harmony begins when an individual starts his spiritual search to find himself. In ancient times this search starts with a prayer:

Sahana vavatu Sahanou bhunaktu
Sahaviryam karavavahai
Tejaswinavadhita mastu Ma vidvisa vahai       Om….
Santhi Santhi Santhi
“May he protect us both. May he nourish us both. May we both work together with great energy. May our study be enlightening and fruitful. May we never hate each other.
Om…. Peace Peace Peace”.

This is a prayer chanted by the Master and repeated by the disciple in ancient India every time they sit for learning.
It has a great significance even today.
The Master initiates the process of learning with the above sincere chanting with the basic values of proper learning. Here the master and disciple surrender to the whole, to the higher intelligence to take care of, so that the disciple and the master could study peacefully.
It also reminds the purpose of education – may our study be enlightening and fruitful, for humanity, fruitful for all, for the benevolence of the entire creations and not for exploitation and final annihilation. The learning process finishes with the chanting…

                             “Loka samasta sughino bhavantu”
meaning       “let there be well being for the entire creations”

  with Love
by Sw. Santhi Prasad

How to re-establish values that are the essence of higher evolution and peaceful existence?

Dear friends,
Human beings evolved on the surface of this earth four million years ago according to anthropologists. Probably human beings might be living as all other animals in harmony with nature.
The life should certainly have been much valuable as man was living in quite an unfavorable circumstance exposed to high risks with not much tools to deal with, even for food gathering when comparing with the present day human being. But there should have been innocence, truth, righteousness, honesty, respect for fellow beings and nature around, simplicity, tolerance and overall unity and coherence. Otherwise human beings could not have survived these difficult ages.

Certainly there might have been fights and wars among them but perhaps one to one war following some kind of elementary code of conducts dictated by the wise in the groups. Never there was thinking for the total annihilation of life on earth for the sake of a group. Certainly life might have been moving with innocence. Happiness, love and peace were there in their life as all other animals do have, at least when they are resting.
The present day man has made his life too much complicated with his greedy thinking and complexes based on false notions of image building. His great inventions were some how in due course manipulated for gaining power over the fellow beings. Greed, jealousy, possessiveness, acquisitiveness, competition and consequential frustration and fight with the one who is holding an opposite view of things has some how became so common.
Life has become so uncertain and valueless; untruth, unrighteousness, avarice, jealousy and opportunism are well trained and taught unknowingly even at the very early childhood.
The disastrous result of it is that any one can run over the other if he has money, connections with higher-ups, power and weapons. Killing innocent people, children, women and old is no more a news. Mass killing in the name of ideologies, massacres in the name of establishing democratic freedom and killing for money also has become rampant.
Life has become so uncertain and valueless. At this juncture it is worth thinking of what is really valuable for each and every one of us and the world in general?
What is Value? Value goes with survival, happiness and fulfillment and freedom. Survival, happiness fulfillment and freedom are not needs. It is the very nature of all living organisms. We human beings by ignorance felt it as need and started to hunt for this. This was a turning point in human evolution.
Fundamentally, value depends on its potential to enable existence, both individual and of groups and the world at large. In nature survival of a species depends on the existence of the rest. Nothing can survive alone for long. Existing as full and complete being, crossing beyond even the realms of harmonious existence to the absolute perfection and freedom was the aspiration of the forefathers.
As the fundamental laws of existence are not yet unraveled to man fully, we human beings have made our own laws based on our own needs. The needs for happiness disregarding the rest of existence undermine the very basis of eternal values of existence as existence in essence is living together in harmony and finding the absolute nature within.
Everything that goes with living together in harmony finding oneself in the process of living has a value in terms of existence! Life has value as it gives the possibility to be here on this planet and experience his own existence and the existence of all fellow beings.
Existence comes out of stillness rather silence and so the life offers the possibility to be here peacefully in silence though the very nature of life is dynamic. As everything comes out of stillness which is silence, all that enables a person to be at his roots, the silence has a tremendous value, which is considered as the spiritual value, the highest one. But the present world some how attributes much of its attention to the material side of things, which is based on need, convenience and utility.
That which is good for the body and bodily pleasures and comfort has gained importance more than it requires to enabling a simple existence. In the hunt for material pleasures and comfort that we value the most; we at times have forgotten aesthetic, emotional, moral, social and spiritual dimensions of existence and even have forgotten its values.
Traditional values like co-operation and respect for the welfare of the community is forsaken now a day for the welfare of the individual and his closed community, the family. Peace and solidarity among nations are violated by nations having power with motives of exploitation. De-humanization without respecting the worth of human being has become the central hidden idea of almost all establishments.
lotoAcquiring wealth, money, position and power will give a kind of satisfaction and happiness. In that hunt we forget to live a simple, sincere and honest life. As a result frustration, tension and fatigue grab the normal existence and life become miserable as it leads to sickness, sickness of the mind, which leads to lack of clarity that breeds confusion.
A confused mind pushes a person into state of bewilderment before issues of life. When a person is bewildered he looses memory which is followed by loss of intelligence. And who so ever looses intelligence will perish according to scriptures. The anxieties of mind lead to change of breathing process.
Incorrect and improper breathing changes the elemental composition of the body and that in turn invites diseases. Sickness is a warning of death. Death comes at the door step untimely and one has to succumb to it with desperation and despondency. The whole life becomes meaningless. The individual is lost in this way in the game of life.
A nation with lost people certainly is a lost country. A world only with losers is no world at all as there is no celebration! At the point of such crises one may look forward for the need of recognizing values. …..continues

With Love   by Sw. Santhi Prasad

Seminario a tema: Kundalini Yoga…

Seminario Kundalini Yoga

Domenica 23 Ottobre 2011.
Ore 9.30-12.30 e
Seminario a tema:
zione al Kundalini Yoga.
” La scienza della trasformazione dell’energia e le sue applicazioni”

Domenica 23 Ottobre 2011.
Ore 9.30-12.30 e 15-18.30.

Presso la sede
School of Santhi-Yoga School – Italia
c/o Circolo Ferrovieri DLF – (secondo piano)
Via S.Maria dell’Angelo (angolo via Cavour) – Faenza


Il Kundalini Yoga, è una antica scienza della tradizione indiana che studia il sistema psico-fisico dell’uomo e l’energia ad esso associata.
Durante il seminario prenderemo in considerazione questo sistema di Yoga nelle sue parti teoriche e pratiche, studieremo il sistema dei Chakra (Centri energetici) e delle Nadi (Canali energetici)  principali e l’importanza delle differenti respirazioni abbinate a centri e canali energetici.
Impareremo inoltre ad usare tecniche utili per la meditazione e per raggiungere uno stato di  profondo rilassamento sia fisico che mentale, migliorando così il nostro stato di benessere.

Ai partecipanti saranno fornite dispense relative al tema trattato.

Al seminario seguirà l’attivazione di un corso specifico, dedicato alla pratica e all’approfondimento del Kundalini Yoga, dei suoi aspetti teorici e delle sue possibili applicazioni pratiche.


Per informazioni e prenotazioni:

Massimiliano Nunziati: 339 4692009.
Catia Fuligni:  349 3906553.

Yoga programs in October in Svezia

School of Santhi International

Dear Yoga Friends,

We gladly invite you to join our upcoming Yoga programs with Santhi in Stockholm, Sweden.
October 13 – Satsang and Meditation
Give yourself an inspiring and relaxing evening together with Santhi. During this session there will
be a guided meditation and talks on the subject of the evening. Santhi will help you to look deep
into yourself, your own concepts, believes and ideas that are preventing you from development.
The evening will give many smiles and a great opportunity to clarify spiritual doubts.

Read more >>>

Date and time:  Thursday October 13, 2011 at 19:30 – 21:30
Language:          English
Place:                  Stockholm
Fee:                      kr 200:-
Reservation:      contact Ingrid Bergstrand cell 0767-100 692

October 29 – Workshop Medical Yoga

This 1-day workshop gives you a possibility to join one of Santhi’s few workshops in Sweden
of Medical Yoga. Prevention and cure of life style diseases. Come, join and learn how to prevent
and heal! Medical Yoga aims at curing the ailments of the body, relieving the mind of its stress,
controlling the mind, enabling the practitioner to develop their physical and mental potential,
and supporting to evolve them to realize their ultimate goal of realization.

Read more >>>

Date and time:  Saturday October 29, 2011 at 08:00 – 17:00
Language:          English
Place:                  Stockholm
Fee:                      kr 1995:-
Reservation:      contact Ingrid Bergstrand cell 0767-100 692

November 9 – 28
Personal Yoga Teachers Training TTC 200
with Santhi in Stockholm
This course is a unique possibility to study Yoga in the old Yogic way according to the Indian
Gurukula System together with our Master Santhi, Swami Santhiprasad. This is a 200 hours
educational Yoga Teachers Training program to mend efficient Yoga Teachers with in-depth
knowledge in the Science of Yoga. Those who are successfully completing the course will be
eligible for two authorized Yoga Teachers certificates:

1. School of Santhi Teachers Training Certificate 200 hours
approved by International Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance US

2. Diploma Certificate from TNPESU
the Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University

Read more >>>

Date and time:  November 9 – 28, 2011
Language:          English
Place:                  Stockholm
Fee:                      Euro 2700
Reservation:      contact Ingrid Bergstrand cell 0767-100 692

Love & regards

SCHOOL OF SANTHI International
Ingrid Bergstrand

cell:       0767-100 692
phone:  08-560 233 01

Om… il mantra primordiale…

Prima parte
OM…il Maestro Sw. Santhi Prasad
il mantra primordiale
Iniziare a entrare in essere; controllo, mantenimento e ritiro…
per cui questo suono OM contiene tutti questi tre aspetti dell’esistenza. Ecco perché questo è considerato il suono più sacro,  tutte le cose che esistono hanno questi tre aspetti, ovvero entrano in essere, esistono e se ne vanno, per cui qualsiasi volta noi facciamo il suono tutti e tre i principi accadono lì, ci sono.
Il ricordo del suono cantando OM è considerato molto importante.

Ci sediamo in silenzio per un po’, continuiamo con la meditazione, io vi darò dei suggerimenti, voi seguiteli, andremo avanti così…
(si canta OM)…
Tutto scaturisce da questo silenzio, per cui tutto scaturisce dal silenzio, esiste per un po’ e poi ritorna di nuovo in questo silenzio.
Prima di fare il suono OM c’era il silenzio e poi c’è stato il suono  e quando il suono è terminato abbiamo potuto percepire il silenzio di nuovo, per cui il silenzio è considerato la base di tutto.
Se noi guardiamo nel nostro sistema tra due battiti cardiaci c’è il silenzio, quando noi espiriamo completamente proprio prima di prendere il respiro successivo, c’è uno spazio, un silenzio e dopo la completa inspirazione prima dell’espirazione c’è un altro spazio, un silenzio.
Tra due pensieri c’è il silenzio, tra qualsiasi azione, tra un’azione e l’altra c’è silenzio, tra la luna e la terra c’è silenzio, tra la terra e il sole c’è silenzio e tra i corpi celesti c’è silenzio e dentro un atomo c’è silenzio e il corpo che è composto di atomi, anche questo ha il silenzio dentro di sé. Il silenzio è dentro questo corpo e il silenzio è fuori da questo corpo e questo è considerato la base essenziale di tutto.

Prima di tutto dobbiamo vedere il silenzio poi dovremo vedere il suono e poi quando il suono termina dovremo vedere il silenzio ancora. Questa è la meditazione sul silenzio, meditazione sul suono e meditazione ancora sul silenzio.
Prima di iniziare una comprensione spirituale secondo la scuola tradizionale indiana è molto molto importante riportare alla memoria, con amore, nostra madre e nostro padre… poi possiamo avere dei conflitti con loro, possiamo avere differenti opinioni nei loro confronti e magari possiamo anche non avere dei buoni sentimenti nei loro confronti… ma se non abbiamo questo corpo noi non possiamo fare niente, non possiamo entrare in contatto con questa conoscenza. Noi abbiamo questo corpo in questo momento… e questo corpo è stato condiviso da due individui: 50 % delle informazioni per creare il corpo è arrivato dalla madre e 50 % dal padre,  assieme a queste due informazioni questo corpo è stato formato e adesso noi siamo qui per sapere, per conoscere questa conoscenza sacra.
Questa è la conoscenza della liberazione.
A questo punto è molto importante offrire la nostra gratitudine per la condivisione di questo corpo e a meno che noi non rispettiamo il nostro corpo,  non possiamo fare niente con questo e come parte di questo rispetto rispettiamo coloro che hanno condiviso questo corpo.
E come prossimo gradino dobbiamo offrire la nostra gratitudine per la conoscenza, la conoscenza che è dentro di noi… e a meno che non abbiamo questa conoscenza non possiamo imparare la matematica, l’inglese, per cui la conoscenza è dentro di noi, con la conoscenza che noi abbiamo, studiamo le cose che sono all’esterno per cui offriamo la nostra gratitudine a questa sorgente di conoscenza che è il Maestro, il Maestro è dentro di noi e il Maestro è anche al di fuori di noi e il Maestro è in ogni cosa, condividiamo, offriamo la nostra gratitudine a questa fonte di conoscenza che è il Maestro con il profondo sentimento, lascia che io si illuminato.
La conoscenza può essere raggiunta solo attraverso la pace e la conoscenza può essere condivisa solo con l’amore, attraverso l’amore e la conoscenza non può essere condivisa quando c’è odio e neanche quando c’è confusione. Offriamo gratitudine per questa sorgente di conoscenza e preghiamo profondamente che lasci che questa conoscenza ci illumini.
Questo è un momento molto importante perché adesso noi affronteremo la scienza dello yoga e la filosofia dello yoga che arriva dall’antica cultura indiana.
Lo yoga fu codificato da un grande Santo, 2000 anni fa circa e questo Maestro è conosciuto con il nome di Patanjali. Quando lui iniziò gli Yogasutra iniziò con la parola “Atah”, essa è una parola in sanscrito che significa adesso. Per cui lo Yogasutra inizia con la parola “Adesso”. “Adesso il trattato sullo yoga”.
Questo è il primo sutra di Patanjali.

Che cos’è questo adesso? ….Fino a che noi non comprendiamo questo adesso, è molto difficile comprendere lo yoga e conoscere com’è, per cui cercheremo di vedere che cos’è questo adesso.
Adesso è un momento di tempo, per esempio se io faccio questo suono, schiocco le dita, questo è un momento di tempo ma questo momento non è un punto. Si allunga un po’ di più, si prolunga per cui quando noi guardiamo un po’ più in profondità su questo tempo, occupa uno spazio, per cui se noi andiamo dentro… da dentro possiamo vedere il reale momento del tempo e questo preciso momento del tempo è l’adesso… e solo l’adesso esiste
Con Amore   Sw. Santhi Prasad

Student Testimonials… Mauro Nityachaitanya

Mauro Benati, Italy…
I have been lucky enough to meet Swami Santhi Prasad and to follow him close up since 1994.
He was the first Indian I met … small and with a great beard, sitting with his legs crossed, he could easily be mistaken for a boy: yet, he was a vision of harmony with his slow but very natural gestures. His way of being soon struck me … the people around him called him Master and put a lot of questions … he waited for the answers … but I was hit by the Man within Him.Our Christian religion speaks about Jesus dead on the cross to save us… Swami. Santhiprasad has always spoken as a Master, but he showed me that we don’t need to be crucified to get to the supreme understanding.I spent many months with him for six years. We organized trips to India or his staying in Italy and in Sweden. He made me understand who a Master is and that a disciple must always trust his Master … that is why Swami Santhiprasad says: “ Listen to your heart-your inner Master-and trust what it says”.

During all these years many people have met Him, he spoke and he listened to them with an open heart like all the great Masters. Swami Santhiprasad is a source from which love, acceptance, peace and quietness always flow, as well as the eternal knowledge.

Thanks to him I had the honour and the luck of meeting several Masters, among them His last ones: most of them have a family, what has positively struck me further and encouraged me to go on the path of my spiritual research.

Now I also have my own family, life wanted me to follow other ways, so I’m learning how to live the relations with the Master at an ethereal and energetic level and this means to trust the life.

At last the School is now taking off with the right reputation and I feel very happy … but honestly I must also say that my ego is struggling with me as it would like to be there with the Master to enjoy this moment. But I kindly remind him that I’m also there with my spirit … Swami Santhiprasad knows it.

Bhaskara Pillai Swamikal

The last Master of Swami Santhiprasad. I remember him like a great mountain, imposing, immobile in his quietness and bliss.

The one who taught the respect towards everybody and everything, even when he was taking a simple glass he was respecting it as an important thing.

I was there when he left his body. The night before we spoke to him about plans among other things and the morning after he passed away serene.

During the funeral his energy was perceptible, his presence was so strong as to console us on his death. It was an unrepeatable experience. My flight back to Italy was booked for the day after. It was a grace and a gift to be present.

With love and respect…
Mauro Nitya Chaitanya

Student Testimonials… Sara Bauduin…

Sara Bauduin, Belgium:
I had a wonderful time in Kallar Valley attending the TTC and I met wonderful fellow yogis!
Im very happy I chose School of Santhi to learn yoga, it went over my expectations.

Thanks for having chosen me as well as part of the students. I think the quality of the lectures was very high, specially when it was conducted by Swami and by Suresh. Kannan was great yoga teacher too, I think we all enjoyed his knowledge about the human body and how it can be stretched and pushed to its limits without being hurt.

I discovered a new passion, chanting mantras! I never knew I would like it but as I felt the positive effect it had on me, I totally adopted it!

I also enjoyed the Kundalini meditation, a true revelation for me! I learnt patience and discipline, even if I still have to work on it! And I seriously needed it. I also realized that life was much easier than my mind thinks it is!

I always had good interaction with everyone, and I made a great new friend, my roommate! I couldn’t thank you enough to have chosen to put us in the same room! There couldn’t have been a better choice! The food was very nice too, and I discovered new dishes I will make at home!

I think the training was intense and required attention and energy but it was very interesting, deep and never “uninteresting”. I will definitely recommend your school to anyone who is interested in a TTC and I hope I will be able to come next year to the next level!

Thanks a lot to all the teachers and the people who contributed to our health, accommodation, food and learning process!

Love and greetings
Sarah Bauduin, Belgium

Student Testimonials… by Kristen Slater

Kristen Slater, United States of America:
I enjoyed my month in Kellar terribly. The training far exceeded my expectations and even being home, I am frequently reminded of all I learned and experienced during my time at the School of Santhi.

Prior to coming to the program, I had hoped to increase my knowledge related to yoga as well as an opportunity refine and improve my asanas. All that was accomplished but I also left with a very personal shift in perspective. The training has changed me in very meaningful ways and I believe it has put me on a path to continue my spiritual journey. I am amazed that all this could have taken place in such a short amount of time.

I would like take a minute to thank Swami Santhi, Kannan, Kumar and all the support staff who made the training and the time in Kellar so wonderful.

Swami’s method of presenting information was so engaging and came from a place of truth and it made it easy to be in long lectures every day. I was always exited for his discussions because I knew that the information he was giving us was such a special and unique gift and his delivery was so effortless and personal that it never felt like a class or a chore.

Kannan’s asana classes were wonderful and now that I am back in my regular practice, I am able to notice the vast improvement in my practice. His fearlessness in challenging students could only be successfully accomplished because of his knowledge of how the body works and where the limit is for each individual.

Having Kumar on site daily was also such a gift. I always felt taken care of and was so appreciative to have someone to go to if anything was needed. His energy and bright spirit was felt throughout the house every day.

My month at School of Santhi was an experience I will never forget. I hope to have the opportunity to take further trainings in the coming years and am so exited to see where this continued study leads me.

With much gratitude and respect,
Kristen Slater

Student Testimonials… by Cristina Yap

I am delighted and most grateful to have completed my teacher training with the School of Santhi.

The organisation behind the teaching was splendid, and the delivery was superb. Absolutely everyone involved in the process from the master, visiting

teachers, cooks, cleaners, to the supporting and administrative staff delivered their service with passion, enthusiasm, love and pure commitment.

This was sustained consistently throughout the month. It is best summed up by a fellow student when asked by a stranger about her experience of the course:

“Absolutely amazing.”
I had heard from a previous student that Master Santhi is a great teacher – yet I was absolutely astounded to have experienced it first hand: hi

studenti Yoga in Kerala

s teachings show a great depth in insight, knowledge, experience and sensitivity which in totality is, quite simply, mind-blowing. He is the best story teller I have ever come across:

we all enjoyed Santhi’s truly inspirational lectures, often underpinned by personal accounts, shared with much humility, grace and humour.

Both Santhi and our Sanskrit lecturer often had us in fits of laughter – it didn’t matter that we didn’t master Sanskrit; what mattered was that we had mastered laughing (albeit with some belly ache afterwards).
Asana practice with Santhi and Kanan took me to much greater levels of improvement in my personal practice, which continues to deepen weeks after the course completed. Kanan is a mischievous delight to learn from, helping us to overcome limitations in our bodies and stretch beyond our limits when we felt ready – my instinctive reaction was to laugh rather than cry when challenged on those occasions! Both taught with great sensitivity and care.
Mantra chanting and the occasional performances of devotional songs were a great treat to broaden our experience.

Finally and by no means least, Suryesh was a great lecturer to round off our experience: it was important and


tional to see how, after years of following Santhi’s teachings, he is now disseminating them in the spirit and continuance of the tradition.

Long may that continue; far and wide may they spread!

Christina Yap
TTC 200 student in India January 2011

Talk about Love…

Dear Yoga friends,
When one starts to think about love…
he is out of love as love is celebration and thinking is no celebration.
Love is the celebration of dissolution.

It is dissolution of all individuations.

It is the experience of becoming one with the whole.

It is comfort absolute.

It is absolute in the sense that there is no separation of any kind.

There is no fragmentation in love.

The lover and loved becomes one and remain in eternal celebration in love.

In love the opposites merges.

There will be no more polarities.

There will be no more man and woman.

The man merges into woman and woman merges into man and the pure being exist eternally!

Love is absolute transparency.

In love, breath flow inside with no effort and the air even not notice that one is breathing.

In love one becomes one with breath.

The warmth of life permeates in each and every atom of ones being and it celebrates both within and without.
The celebrant dissolves into the nature around – the dissolution of man into the nature!

This is the merger of love.

In love one is back home, in his own essence.

There is no more games, no more egos, and no more image but only celebration!

Aum Tat Sat!
by Sw. Santhi Prasad
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